We offer a delivery service that accommodates all forms of goods and product. Pathology, printing, medical, mail, retail, clothing, legal, industrial, internet are a few of the classifications that Jet Couriers delivers thousands of times daily in full, on time, and with immediate receipt.

  • On Demand Courier Services & Hourly Hire

We offer three distinct courier service levels:

General - A competitive rate for your day to day needs. Our general service is an economical fixed rate delivery with an ETA of four hours.

Express - An accelerated service level. Choose our express service for a fixed rate delivery with an ETA of two hours.

Direct - Extremely Time Critical deliveries require a direct service. Jet Couriers offer a fixed rate direct delivery picked up by nearest available vehicle and delivered without delay straight to its destination.

  • Contract Distribution

Our fleet service adaptability allows us to design custom solutions to fulfill your freight requirements. Fleet services offer you the opportunity of freeing capital and also savings on administration time and costs.

  • Dedicated Vehicles / Fleet Services

We offer contract distribution, allowing forward cost planning, with contract rates in place for a fixed period. Jet Couriers consistently permits the choice of the most cost and time efficient methods of delivery. Retail, Distribution, Wholesale, or Manufacturing whichever field of business you are in, Jet Couriers can supply an answer to your courier needs.

Global Control Centres

Operating from advanced local control centres, we boast an all modern fleet of radio controlled vans and tray trucks.

All Goods Delivered

All forms of goods and products delivered utilising the latest dispatch and tracking software.

Immediate Delivery Receipt

Jet Couriers delivers thousands of times daily providing Real Time Proof Of Delivery.

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